"Hello world" 🌎
Crossearn comes to life. 🌱
Every Defi users will be driven crazy to monitor, bridge and a series of complicated trx to earn the yield from different protocols on different blockchains.
Crossearn aims to solve this problem, it's a cross chain yield optimizer which let you stay at your favorite blockchain and earn the best yield across all the other blockchains.
Crossearn is built by Earnmos core team. Earnmos is a yield optimizer on Evmos aiming to provide the similar solution for Cosmos Interchain Ecosystem.
Crossearn will start with auto-compounding strategy for Stargate. Stargate is the first DEX built on Layerzero which is an innovative cross chain infrastructure. To incentivize the liquidity providers, Stargate is rewarding their token $STG. The more detailed strategy will be discuss in the "Strategy" part.

Why use Crossearn

As we have mentioned in our very beginning article:
  • Lower the entry barriers for cross chain yield opportunities. Multi-chain structure is the future. Thus, a lot of market needs occur under this structure. One of the fundamental needs is to earn the best yield across all the blockchains. However, it takes a lot of effort to know a new blockchain rather than earning on it. So Crossearn is the tool that brings great help on this.
  • Easy and convenient to use. There are complicated steps and trx that are required in order to earn the yield across all the blockchains. Crossearn provides an unique user experience for the investors who are not technically minded or who wish to interact in a less committal manner than serious traders would.
  • Community Driven. We believe in the power of the community, especially in the multi-chain future. Time of each individual is limited, so no one can learn all, such as other blockchains, Defi protocols, etc. We need a community to share and feed each other. Moreover, we don’t want to have an iconic person who has a dominant influence on the project.
Just want to address something, although the initial idea is very similar to Yearn, we don't fork from them. Here is the reason we have posted.

Who can use Crossearn

All the yield farmers🧑‍🌾 can use Crossearn to get best yield as long as the strategy is supported to earn from their protocols. Moreover, we will support 2 types of strategy which has different views of one protocol. One is bullish and they will hold the reward token. The others is only the yield farmers who will sell the reward token and earn the yield immediately.
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