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Strategy is a smart contract with investment logic aiming to make the best use of the assets in the vault and earn the optimized yield from other protocols. Why shall I use the strategy to invest? You may read these articles here on our official Medium.
Fee structure is defined within the strategy and different strategies may have different structure. The detail fee structure may be seen on
There are 2 roles for strategy: the owner and the keeper. Please note that no one can move your asset even from strategy even these admin roles.
This 2 roles design is considering the future scalability. The owner will be considered to have higher authority on the vault than the keeper. The owner will be the multi-sig whose controllers will be selected from the community. The keeper is the role who will handle the specific strategy. Different strategies may need different daily monitor and all the strategies need some safety provision in case urgent things happen. So the authorities they have are mainly different base on these. The keeper is more daily monitor and the owner is more higher authority.
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