Vault is the main space to hold the users' asset, it's very similar to the saving account. One vault can only hold one asset. Some of the supported asset may need several trxs to get, such as LP token which needs to provide liquidity firstly. The Zap function will help you to facilitate this process.
For example, the Stargate USDT vault, the vault actually hold the Stargate LP token which is S-USDT. When users try to deposit, the Zap will help to provide liquidity and get the S-USDT firstly. Then S-USDT received will be deposited into the vault.
After depositing into the vault, the asset will be deployed to the enabled strategy which is another smart contract. Currently, one vault can only adopt one strategy.
Although every vault has the role of owner, it can only change some configurations, such as the strategy contract address, owner address, etc. No one can steal your asset from vault.
Last modified 1yr ago