Zap is a feature that help the users to automatically finish a series of action to convert the users' token to the underlying assets in the vault. This will improve the user experience and make the investment process more smooth.
For example, if you want to invest into Stargate USDT farming pool. Most of the tools will receive your S-USDT token and help you to reinvest. But the experience will be bad. Users need to provide the USDT on Stargate webpage and deposit the S-USDT received on our webpage. Compared to this, users can directly come to our page and deposit with USDT. Zap will facilitate this process. The gas will be the same to use Zap or do all the process mannually.
When 2 sided vaults come out in the future, the Zap can handle if users only have single sided token. Zap will automatically swap 50% of the single sided token to the other one and provide the liquidity with 2 sided token.
Moreover, Zap will also facilitate the withdraw process to get the same token you deposit.
Last modified 1yr ago