We believe that every Defi user has suffered from interacting with different protocols to earn yield. Especially more and more blockchains come out. The complexity of understanding and operation has exponential growth. Even the OG will be driven crazy to monitor, bridge and make a series of complicated trx to earn the yield from different protocols on different blockchains.
So we are aming to solve this problem, building a cross chain yield optimizer which let you stay at your favorite blockchain and earn the best yield across all the blockchains.
Consider current cross chain solutions, we believe that the Cosmos IBC and Layerzero are better solutions up to now. Here is a article which helps you to understand more about the cross chain.
For Cosmos IBC, only the blockchain integrated can be connected with each other, so it facilitates the interoperobility of Cosmos blockchains. On the other hand, Layerzero helps to cross chain besides Cosmos ecosystem, such as EVM-compatible blockchains, Solana and so on.
We believe that variety of the cross chain Dapps can be built based on these 2 infrastructures.
And we will focus on yield optimizer to start with. Crossearn is the yield optimizer built with Layerzero targeting on non-Cosmos ecosystem and Earnmos will launch on Evmos aiming to Cosmos Interchain Ecosystem.
We believe that multi-chain is the future. There are a lot of solutions to facilitate the blockchain interoperability. This attempt has been never halted and variety of innovation continuously come out. There are 2 main types of the cross chain solutions. (Here is another article which helps you to understand more about the cross chain.)
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    Bridge. The detail mechanism may be different but the general idea is similar. They will Introduce the 3rd party to supervise the status change on the source blockchain and relay the msg to the destination blockchain, such as 3rd party bridges Multichain, blockchain official bridges, Layerzero and etc.
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    Internet of Blockchains. We directly borrow this phrase because it describes the 2nd type well. The blockchains built with the same standard are easy to interact with each other, so they form the internet of blockchains. There are several examples: Cosmos IBC, Avalanche Subnet, etc.
We don't think each of them will dominate the market but will exist together to provide the infrastructure to help users to use different blockchains. With the completion of the infrastructure, more and more cross chain needs will appear, such as cross chain swap, cross chain lending/borrowing, cross chain yield farm and all the similar needs on single chain. However, the solution for these needs will be different. So we believe that all of these services should be rebuilt to fit the new era.
According to the above, the core team will focus on cross chain yield farming at the beginning. Currently we will divide the blockchains into 2 categories as mentioned above. And if we can support both types of cross chain solutions, most of the popular blockchains will be included and more users can be served. And we believe all of the blockchains can be connected in the future. But considering current situation, we will build cross chain yield optimizers for both categories.
  • Crossearn is the one built on Layerzero and will earn the yield across the main EVM-compatible blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, etc. Layerzero is an innovative infrastructure who helps the other protocols to send assets and status between chains they are supported. They like a plug-in of blockchain.
  • Earnmos is the one built on Evmos which is the first EVM-compatible Cosmos IBC blockchain. The main idea is to help the users earn across the Cosmos Interchain Ecosystem. Cosmos is like a blockchain standard. Any blockchains follow this can be easily connected.
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